Fodé Camara is a musician, artist, storyteller and performer from Guinea, West Africa. He is a Guest Faculty member with Medusa’s Musical Mysteries and has been touring in the US and Canada for the past eleven years participating in workshops and teaching traditional percussion music from his home country. Fodé is also a master drum maker who creates professional quality African hand drums using natural materials, including the goblet-shaped djembe and barrel-shaped dununs.

A member of the Susu ethnic group in Guinea, Fodé offers unique and engaging presentations and performances for people of all ages in which he discusses his culture and traditions and his reflections on the benefits and challenges of growing up in West Africa. As a teacher, he has an embracing, easy going, and friendly manner that invites everyone to experience and participate in the traditional music and songs of Guinea. Fodé has shared his experience, talents and warm smile and laughter with children and adults through presentations at many schools, community and cultural centers over the years.

He offers presentations and his life stories through Motherland Rhythm Community, a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on creating community and connecting cultures through hand drumming. Fodé is the Project Manager for Benkadi Project which offers charitable assistance to address education, health and basic human needs in Guinea, and a member of Diamana Diya and Mboray Nani performance ensembles.

Fodé loves to see the happiness and joy on participants faces as they experience playing the drums. He says, "music helps us in our lives to forget our problems, create friendships and heals us. It brings everyone together no matter where they are from."

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